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Parliamentary Select Committee - Women and Equalities


Founded by Suzanne McKie QC, Farore Law will take the client through every stage of their journey to its ultimate resolution. We provide advice and advocacy and an unparalleled level of service, with consistent and full representation along the way. The firm is truly specialised, focused on client rights we feel passionately about. 

We don't just act for employees or workers - Farore Law advise on civil claims relating to gender discrimination, mental illness, sexual harassment and sexual assault wherever, whenever and however it occurs. 

We provide a non-judgemental environment in which to talk about what has occurred, what might be the best resolution for you and each and every option open to you. 

We provide individual solutions for each and every client because each client is unique and their circumstances their own. We will not push you in any particular direction but help you reach your own conclusion. In many cases matters can be fully resolved without recourse to litigation.

We have internal advocacy expertise using advocates with the right client-friendly, practical and commercial approach so that the client can avoid the costly use of both a barrister and solicitor during meetings, mediations, hearings and negotiations - Farore Law seeks to remedy and modernise this approach. The founder, Suzanne McKie QC, is a dual qualified barrister and solicitor.

We enable clients to have a ready and easy access to specially selected external experts, such as counsellors, therapists, media advisers, career advisers, mental health specialists and other experts in order to ensure that any resolution is tailor-made for the client.


Suzanne McKie QC gave evidence on 28th March 2018 to the Parliamentary Committee on Women and Equalities:


For the full video, of the session go to this link: https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/7f47a9dc-7f5c-4e98-9deb-1713036a4332 


We do not simply advise on the law and represent clients in legal settings; we provide clients with a support system that provides them with the therapy, counselling, anxiety and performance management and coaching they may need to help them through the complaints and litigation process and which enables them to find their voice and articulate their case well.  

We are a Changemaker for the charity Working Families. See our blog on their website regarding harassment claims:



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