Often overlooked...

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 6 Feb

A provision that is often overlooked and not widely known is the ability on the part of Defendants to trigger early service of the claim in civil actions.

Sex workers, Abuse and Criminal Records

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 15 Jan

On 17 and 18 January at the High Court in London an important hearing is taking place to challenge the law that certain offences (despite being spent) effectively stay on a person's record. It concerns the "sexual offences" prostitutes were said to have committed and for which they were prosecuted and cautioned, even though the women concerned were in fact victims of abuse and coercion themselves.

Sexual Offending in England and Wales

on Mon 20 Nov

The Ministry of Justice and the Office for National Statistics 2013 Report on Sexual Offending is worth reading

Sexual Harassment in the News

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 20 Nov

What can recent press reporting teach us about the drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies to better protect victims?

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