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Farore Law is highly specialised, specialising in discrimination claims, both inside and outside the employment sphere. The firm also handles sexual harassment and abuse cases. The firm provides both contentious and non-contentious advice.

The founder of Farore Law, Suzanne McKie QC, has specialised for 25 years in the fields of discrimination, sexual harassment, equal pay, sexual abuse and the mental illnesses that arises from discrimination. The profiles of the whole team are below.

Suzanne has practised as a barrister and solicitor in the fields of employment and discrimination law for all of her career and is dual qualified. She has also worked in-house in the finance industry. All of this makes her uniquely placed to provide a rounded and knowledgeable service to clients. In the past she has represented many different clients, from office workers to members of royal families. Her breadth of experience is considerable. Her time working in finance provides her with a unique insight when acting for clients who are or have been based in the City.

Suzanne was privileged to give evidence about sexual harassment to the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Select Committee on 28 March 2018. 

Farore Law can work on the basis of fixed fees, hourly rates and consider conditional fee arrangements in certain cases. In exceptional cases involving significant points of public importance we will consider acting on a pro bono basis. 

Where appropriate we can provide clients with access to former clients where they are willing to discuss the experience of working with the firm.

Examples of cases Farore law has handled so far in 2018/2019: several gender discrimination claims arising unequal treatment, including termination and non-promotion; a number of historical sex abuse cases; many sexual and gender harassment cases, including civil court claims; personal injury claims in the civil courts arising from harassment; disability discrimination claims arising from mental illness; sexuality discrimination cases; age discrimination case; associative disability discrimination case arising from the caring responsibilities of the parent for a mentally ill child; appeals to government bodies and regulators regarding treatment of abuse victims. We have also undertaken 3 inquiries/reports for barrister chambers/law firms relating to equal pay; progression of women and diversity. In addition we have completed a number of independent reviews of internal grievance investigations.

Farore Law can also provide bespoke training aimed at specialist legal training, the creation of better policies and practices and enhanced understanding of the impact of discrimination and harassment.  

Suzanne McKie QC

Farore Law's founder has in the past been a member of the Bar Council's Sex Discrimination Committee, Equal Opportunities Committee, Chair of the Employment Lawyers' Association and trustee of the Human Right Charity, Redress. She has been a Managing Director in a finance house and has first-hand industry experience, with significant experience of regulatory matters. She is also an accredited mediator having mediated disputes related to discrimination and personal injury.

Suzanne also provides advocacy when a client is instructing a different law firm.

She can be contacted at: [email protected]


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We are looking to recruit an Assistant Solicitor with particular interest in the fields in which Farore Law specialises. CVs and covering letters should be sent to [email protected].

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