Our experience

Lack of equal pay for women is still very much with us. Too many talented women are not given the credit they deserve and are not remunerated in a way that reflects their abilities.

Suzanne McKie QC is the author of Tolley's first Equal Pay Handbook, and has acted for many individuals and groups in redressing the impact of unequal pay. Suzanne also provides internal investigatory services designed to unearth and eradicate unequal pay.

Farore Law also advises barristers' chambers on advancing their diversity and managing any gender pay gap.

How we can help

Farore Law helps clients analyse pay data and determine how best to manage a gender pay gap or ethnicity pay gap, and can advise on any appropriate action, including litigation.

We have significant experience in dealing with equal pay cases, and have acted for many women (both individually and as a class) in bringing claims in the private and public sectors, as well assisting companies, law firms and barristers’ chambers with managing their gender pay gap and diversity matters. We have a particular interest where the gender pay gap is caused by lack of female progression, and advise many organisations on this point.