Female Progression in the Professions

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 11 Dec

We have looked at female progression at the Bar, in law firms, the Big Four, medicine and academia and produced a significant and detailed 40 page report, with assistance from the relevant regulatory and other bodies.

Women and Equalities Committee - report that sexual harassment is widespread in UK Industry

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 25 Jul

See the Report of the Parliamentary Committee, to which Suzanne McKie QC gave evidence.


QC found guilty of professional misconduct

Suzanne McKie QC on Fri 8 Jun

Howard Godfrey QC found guilty of professional misconduct for the manner in which he portrayed a 16 year old victim of sexual assault. His regulatory Tribunal found him guilty of acting in such a way that the confidence of the public in the profession would be diminished. He appealed to the High Court which today (8th June) upheld the guilty finding. 

Sky News Interview

Charles Pitcher on Fri 11 May

Suzanne McKie QC appeared on Sky News last night giving her views on the impact of the forthcoming decision in the Cliff Richard trial on privacy rights


The Cliff Richard trial

Beverley Storr on Wed 9 May

The High Court case involving Cliff Richard suing the BBC for breach of privacy and press intrusion This case is of huge significance not least because of the failure to get the necessary votes yesterday in Parliament in relation to Part 2 of the Levenson Inquiry.

It also has impact in relation to the issue of anonymity. Suzanne McKie's comment on this appears at the end of the Sky News article.


Parliamentary Enquiry - NDA's Clarification of Scope

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 28 Mar

Do NDAs have any proper place in compromise agreements? Measures to preventing any use of NDA's to limit the right of claimants to report harassment to the Police.....

Press for Progress

Suzanne McKie QC on Thu 8 Mar


The themes for this Year's International Women's Day. There is more work to do; momentum needs to be kept up; we need to listen more and take proactive positive steps. 

NDAs/Confidentiality Agreements

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 13 Feb

MPs launch an Inquiry into the use of NDAs/Confidentiality Agreements in harassment cases.

Womens March

Beverley Storr on Sun 28 Jan

Short video from the day.

Women's March today in London

Suzanne McKie QC on Sun 21 Jan

Photos from marches around the world.

Women's March

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 16 Jan

Join the Farore Team in London on Sunday 21st January 2018


Read further for details of London March.

Linkedin Feed

Beverley Storr on Mon 15 Jan

Times Up Rally in London - Facebook Page

Suzanne McKie QC on Fri 12 Jan

Well worth attending this march to show solidarity for victims of sexual harassment

Time's Up Rally - Facebook


Equality and Human Rights Commission Consultation

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 3 Jan

The Equality and Human Rights Commission want to hear from companies, institutions, authorities and individuals about their views as to the best ways for EHRC to enforce the gender pay gap regulations.

Assisting Mental Illness

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 1 Jan

The Mental Health Foundation

Sexual Assault allegations against taxi drivers

Suzanne McKie QC on Thu 28 Dec

Attached is an article from The Independent (Nov) but also covered in a Guardian article today. 

Of note is the low charging and conviction rates. Also relevant is the comment from the TFL spokesperson who said convictions (and therefore charging) are more likely where the taxi is booked via an App/internet, as this will of course track the driver against the passenger. It's about time that black cabs created a similar tracking system based on the black cab driver being obligated to take a code from the passenger that the passenger then inputs into an App that keeps their details.

Rape Crisis Scotland

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 20 Dec

Videos from Rape Crisis Scotland about the reactions of victims. The videos deal with how long victims take to report the crime; and the common reaction of freezing when faced with trauma.

Fawcett Society Launch

Fawcett Society on Tue 12 Dec

Farore Law is co-sponsoring the Fawcett Society's launch of its report into the review of the law of sex discrimination. It is to be held on 23rd January 2018 at Westminster.

Petition to the Government

Suzanne McKie QC on Sat 9 Dec

This Petition is to save funding for women's refuges. It is so important. The Government is proposing cuts to a service that is already seriously underfunded. Please let's get to 100,000. Click on the link:

Public funding for support services

Suzanne McKie on Mon 27 Nov

Keir Starmer talks about the impact of proposed government welfare changes.

Farore Law

on Mon 20 Nov

Farore Law launches in January 2018 and will advise and act for claimants in a highly specialised field of law. It will also provide independent investigations services. 

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