Female Progression in the Professions

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 11 Dec

We have looked at female progression at the Bar, in law firms, the Big Four, medicine and academia and produced a significant and detailed 40 page report, with assistance from the relevant regulatory and other bodies.

Women and Equalities Committee - report that sexual harassment is widespread in UK Industry

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 25 Jul

See the Report of the Parliamentary Committee, to which Suzanne McKie QC gave evidence.


QC found guilty of professional misconduct

Suzanne McKie QC on Fri 8 Jun

Howard Godfrey QC found guilty of professional misconduct for the manner in which he portrayed a 16 year old victim of sexual assault. His regulatory Tribunal found him guilty of acting in such a way that the confidence of the public in the profession would be diminished. He appealed to the High Court which today (8th June) upheld the guilty finding. 

A Guide to the Law on Harassment

Ruth Whittaker on Mon 4 Jun

From civil proceedings to the criminal law, our guide provides a run down of the legal framework for harassment claims

A survey and an Analysis

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 29 May

Farore Law is looking into the creation of a Portal on its website to allow victims of sex discrimination, mental health discrimination, abuse, and harassment to provide a totally confidential summary of what ill-treatment they have received and the reasons they believe it happened. 

Maternity Rights

Suzanne McKie QC on Sun 22 Apr

Parliamentary Enquiry - NDA's Clarification of Scope

Suzanne McKie QC on Wed 28 Mar

Do NDAs have any proper place in compromise agreements? Measures to preventing any use of NDA's to limit the right of claimants to report harassment to the Police.....

The latest charity to be hit by scandal

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 26 Mar

The Guardian reports on the most recent criminal convictions concerning charity workers, member of the Salvation Army.

Featured in the Employment Solicitor

Suzanne McKie QC on Thu 15 Mar

My view is that we should not be grieving about the loss of physicality in the work place. See my comments in the Employment Solicitor Journal.

Often overlooked...

Suzanne McKie QC on Tue 6 Feb

A provision that is often overlooked and not widely known is the ability on the part of Defendants to trigger early service of the claim in civil actions.

Sex workers, Abuse and Criminal Records

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 15 Jan

On 17 and 18 January at the High Court in London an important hearing is taking place to challenge the law that certain offences (despite being spent) effectively stay on a person's record. It concerns the "sexual offences" prostitutes were said to have committed and for which they were prosecuted and cautioned, even though the women concerned were in fact victims of abuse and coercion themselves.

Sexual Offending in England and Wales

on Mon 20 Nov

The Ministry of Justice and the Office for National Statistics 2013 Report on Sexual Offending is worth reading

Sexual Harassment in the News

Suzanne McKie QC on Mon 20 Nov

What can recent press reporting teach us about the drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies to better protect victims?

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