Investigations and Regulation

Where an allegation of sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault has been made we are able to investigate independently and on behalf of organisations and victims, or assist the victim in managing any internal process.

We can advise regulatory bodies and investigate matters on their behalf where one or more allegations of sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault have been made. 

In cases where clients have laid a complaint to their regulatory body about sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault we can advise them about the process and seek to ensure that the body treats the client properly. Regulatory bodies must abide by the Equality Act, as they are Qualifications Bodies. They have duties not to discriminate against a person. For example, they must make make reasonable adjustments if a person suffering from significant mental illness has made a complaint they want to have investigated. 

Farore Law brings many years of experience of advising people whose allegations or treatment have been brought to the attention of the regulatory authorities, and as such we can advise on the regulatory process from the investigation stage onwards. We can also represent clients at any hearings convened by regulators. Suzanne McKie QC has for many years advised on matters governed by the FCA, SRA, BSB, GMC and other regulatory bodies. She has represented many clients taking part in the regulatory proceedings of those organisations. Her significant forensic ability and her experience in financial and legal institutions makes her the perfect choice for managing the process of investigations.


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