Suzanne McKie QC recent media appearances have concerned sexual harassment, privacy and the use of NDAs.

NDAs - Non Disclosure Agreements - have been used to prevent employees from reporting sexual harassment to the police and enabled individuals and organisations to avoid the consequences of repeated offences.

The groundswell of public indignation over this abuse of power and position that is reflected in #MeToo and has caused the spectacular collapse of the career of film producer Harvey Weinstein and others has focussed the attention of our lawmakers on how well the rights of individual employees are protected in practice.

Parliamentary Select Committees are the forum where MPs gather evidence and consult expert opinion to understand better how the law works at present and to consider whether changes need to be made.  As you will see from the clips below Suzanne McKie QC is very clear on where she stands on this matter.

Scroll down later also to see Suzanne McKie QC speaking on the subject of access to justice on Channel 4 News in October 2018

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