Mediation is an invaluable tool in any process concerned with redress. It should never be ignored as an option.

Mediation with a very carefully selected mediator can provide resolution on many levels. Voices can be heard without the cut and thrust and accusatory edge of cross-examination; settlements can include matters a court cannot assist with; discretion is assured; the public are excluded and the emotional demands of the process are properly accommodated. Suzanne McKie QC has many years experience of sucessfully representing clients at mediations in discrimination, harassment, sexual assault and cases involving mental illness.

Suzanne McKie QC is an accredited mediator able to provide services mediating claims and complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, equal pay, mental illness sexual assault or abuse. 

Not all lawyers understand the benefit of mediation. At Farore Law we do.  

"People who are only good with hammers see every problem as a nail."  Abraham Maslow, psychologist.


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