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Mental illness, including PTSD and major depression, can lead to disability discrimination, most often for a reason that arises as a consequence of the mental illness or because of a failure to make reasonable adjustments. Mental illness is also a very frequent consequence of sex discrimination, harassment and assault. Farore Law brings many years experience of dealing with clients with mental health problems and has a very empathetic approach and an acute understanding of the issues. Mental illness is still stigmatised, is not treated with sufficient seriousness by society and is very often misunderstood. People may tell you to get rid of your negativity or focus on the positives, thereby failing to engage with the true nature of mental illness. Some people observing your difficulties may simply not want to deal with them or face the truth of your situation, or are frozen into inaction because of a fear that you may never recover. You may not feel listened to. We will listen. And we will seek redress for clients who have suffered disability discrimination, or whose mental health has been impacted by sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Many professionals experience shock and denial when faced with mental health difficulties. The inability to face or accept them can exacerbate the problem. Shame and fear can take over - fear that a person will never manage to get through to the other side and shame that it can feel like a weakness after a lifetime of displaying strength. Being properly heard and understood by your lawyer can assist in the recovery. Many clients experience improvement once closure comes, whether that means achieving justice through airing what you want to say, attaining changes in the workplace, or from obtaining some financial security for the future that enables you to do something completely different with your life.

Where you have been treated badly as a consequence of your mental illness, and/or where a company, person or organisation has failed to make reasonable adjustments to take into account the impact of your mental illness this can give rise to a legal claim under the Equality Act, as an example of disability discrimination. You may find that you have been discriminated against both because of your mental illness (or something arising from your mental illness) and your gender.

We advise clients on their legal options arising from mental illness but also help them access key non-legal professionals to assist in the recovery process. We have many experts that we have worked with over the last 25 years and have narrowed this down to a list of those best placed to assist clients with their particular difficulties. 

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."  Albert Camus, philosopher


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