Personal Injury and Protection from Harassment

At Farore Law we always look at the option of a personal injury case. Although this would usually proceed in the civil court, the pre-action process and alternative dispute resolution may make the step of issuing proceedings unnecessary. This may be a better solution for the client for a number of reasons: with a civil claim there is a generous limitation period which gives the client longer to consider the best outcome for him or her; in civil court proceedings the parties can agree standstill agreements to allow for negotiation/mediation; lastly, the new costs regime in civil action personal injury cases can make this an attractive option.  If a client does not fall within the category of worker, or the other categories protected under the Equality Act 2010, he or she should consider an alternative claim that may be available in the civil courts, based on torts such as negligence, breach of duty, assault to the person etc. 

Injunctions can be sought to prevent imminent or repeated harassment.

In 2018, Farore Law is acting for a male sex abuse victim in a High Court claim against his former Prep School; a victim of a harassment by a very influential person whose actions took place in the context of the offer of access to work; a victim of sexual assault where the act did not take place in the course of employment; a worker who suffered significant mental health problems arising from harassment in the context of a client relationship; and a client whose claim relates to stress arising from repeated harassment caused by and making reference to her mental condition.

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