Sexual assault and Abuse

Sexual assaults and abuse occur more often than society is willing to accept, and in many different circumstances. Your consent may be vitiated in a number of different ways, related to age, physical and mental state.

Victims often find it difficult to make complaints and often do not receive the support they need or feel heard. The state-provided counselling services are overburdened and underfunded and so finding support can be extremely hard. The Police and the CPS can fail victims. The Victims Code is not always applied as it is meant to be.

Abuse can occur in academic institutions and training institutions, and Farore Law deals with historic abuse cases, for men and women. 

Clients of Farore Law will be met without judgement, with a genuine understanding of how the victim feels. We look at all the options, including private counselling; mediation and personal injury claims against the perpetrator or those legally responsible or liable for the actions of the perpetrator.

We focus on the victim and so operate in a different way to criminal lawyers. We can provide support and access to counselling and other medical professionals to assist clients through any complaint process. We can also advise clients on whether they have personal injury claims they can pursue, or claims of professional misconduct against regulated perpetrators. We also advise on whether injunctive action to prevent further abuse is an option. We advise clients who suffered abuse in the distant past. 

It is not your fault whether your response to sexual assault is flight, fight or freeze. There are many understandable reasons why a victim may decide not to formalise a complaint to the Police, HR or elsewhere. 

A major study was conducted by the Ministry of Justice and Office for National Statistics in 2013. It found that 1 in 5 women aged 16-59 had experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16; but only 15% of those experiencing sexual assault and rape decided to report it to the Police. It also found significant levels of abuse in under age boys, who may be even less likely to report it.

Many reasons can cause us to feel shame when we are not at fault. Sometimes this is because of gender or status, or society's unfair expectation. Shame holds back justice when it should not.

Let us help you explore your options in a safe space.

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