An overview of our practice

Farore Law is a law firm specialising in discrimination, sexual harassment and related employment law. We deal with matters that arise both inside and outside the workplace. The firm consists of a small, knowledgeable, and dedicated team led by Suzanne McKie QC, who has unrivaled experience in our specialist areas.

We have extensive knowledge in our specialist fields. The firm has many individual and corporate clients, and our cases often involve:

  • public figures;

  • political parties;

  • senior partners and executives;

  • global corporations;

  • academic institutions; and

  • charitable organisations.

Our team has particular experience in dealing with highly sensitive matters involving privacy, anonymity and restricted reporting. We are strongly placed to assist any person or institution who is dealing with an issue concerning discrimination or harassment, regardless of the circumstances and whether or not it relates to the workplace. We do not act for clients in standalone unfair dismissal cases, and only deal with cases of termination when discrimination is involved.

We advise from the very start to the very end of the process, including pre-action stages and all aspects of the litigation process. Unlike other law firms, this also includes the provision of advocacy services. We undertake inquiries and produced reports on behalf of law firms and barristers’ chambers relating to equal pay, the progression of women, and diversity. In addition, we have completed a number of independent reviews of internal grievance investigations conducted by companies. We also deal with ICGS matters arising out of workplace complaints in the House of Commons.

Suzanne McKie QC also accepts third party instructions for advocacy services on behalf of other law firms.

Furthermore, Farore Law can provide bespoke training aimed at the creation of better policies and practices within organisations, as well as enhancing attendees’ understanding of the impact of discrimination and harassment.


Who we act for

We advise and represent people whose claims fall within the remit of our specialist areas, both in and out of the workplace. This can include class actions. In select cases, we can act for individual respondents in tribunal cases.

We act for and provide advice to companies across many spheres within our specialist areas of practice. We also have a dedicated package for startups wishing to develop their diversity initiatives.

Legal and academic organisations
We advise barristers’ chambers, law firms, and academic institutions on appropriate diversity policies, progression issues, retention issues, and how to address gender pay gaps amongst staff, partners, and barristers. We also provide independent investigation services relating to discrimination and harassment on behalf of such organisations.

Pro bono clients
We feel strongly about access to justice, particularly when it comes to our specialist areas. We therefore assist with select cases on a pro bono basis that are referred to us via affiliated charities and other voluntary organisations. We can also help individual claimants access charitable or other funding.



Farore Law can use fixed fees or hourly rates. We will consider Conditional Fee Agreements or ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangements in exceptional cases.

In cases involving significant points of public importance and where there is an obvious difference in financial status between the parties we will consider acting on a pro bono basis.