Women as Queen’s Counsel: why are numbers so low?

Women as Queen’s Counsel: why are numbers so low?

Significantly fewer women than men apply for QC each year. Since data collection began in 1995, the number of male applicants has been recorded as consistently (and considerably) higher. This begs the question: why are numbers so low? Interestingly, a recent article produced by The Lawyer looks at the QC gender problem from an employment law perspective, and considers whether or not it is the result of a system that actively works against female barristers.

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Farore Law's Report into the progression of women in law and other professional careers

Farore Law has produced a Report focusing on the representation and slow progression of women barristers, solicitors and judges in the UK, with comparisons to the professions of accountancy and medicine.

The Report was produced by Suzanne McKie QC and Ruth Whittaker, and contains a collection of raw and processed statistics from various regulators, some of which are otherwise unavailable for public download.

The Report is available to read on our website by clicking below. A download link is also available.