Successful innovation involves challenging the norm. From ensuring fair recruitment to minimising risk of automation bias, diversity matters permeate all aspects of a business, and it is crucial that any startup company is cognisant of diversity matters if it wants to flourish.

Farore Law is a strong advocate for equality of opportunity, and we boast considerable experience in advising a wide range of companies - from multinationals to university departments - on proper equality and diversity practice. We offer the same for startups, but at a reduced cost and in a manner that is adjusted to the startup’s knowledge and resources.

How can we help?

Our Startup Health Check package

Farore Law offers a Startup Health Check package designed specifically for new companies, which is aimed at helping them install and maintain correct diversity policies in line with the current law and best practice. This package is presented with the commercial development of the startup in mind, and with the intention of ensuring that, if properly implemented, your startup can confidently describe itself as a proponent of good diversity practice.

In addition, the purchase of this package will also come with a year-long discount on overall services available from the firm, ensuring that your startup is able to proceed with its best foot forward.

Investigatory services

Farore Law also provides a reduced-rate investigatory service into grievances made within startups. We can work on a company’s behalf to ensure that grievances are appropriately addressed, thereby reducing the company burden and enabling it to continue focusing on other aspects of its business development. Please see our Investigations and regulation page for further information.

Suzanne McKie QC has extensive experience acting for startups, and brings a uniquely business-minded edge to Farore Law’s diversity services through her robust knowledge of commercial employment law and her in-house industry experience. Suzanne has advised a variety of fledgling companies including in the fields of web technology, fintech, medical technology, telecoms, online retail, student housing, organic food production, and commercial drone use.

Combined with the firm’s experience in helping more established companies improve their workplace diversity, we are an excellent choice for any young company looking for a top-tier service at a remarkably competitive cost.

Please contact us directly to discuss your needs.